You want to purchase a catamaran or you already are owner of a catamaran?

If it’s the case then you must think about the maintenance of your catamaran and about the service and the spare parts. Our company Ultra Sailing thanks to the long experience we have built through 20 years of charter business and boat’s dealership have the knowledge and the capacities to propose a solution to the catamaran owners in term of: service, ”winterization”, summer maintenance, cleaning, preparations, repairs, installations, annual works and services etc. Fountaine Pajot offers us a support so we can provide to all catamaran owner the after sale, spare parts, warranty covering and additional installations.
With more than 20 employees we are covering all the necessary works for your (future) catamaran from the early order to the final handover ”keys in hand” for those who decide to purchase a catamaran.

Catamaran purchasing

Once you decide to purchase a catamaran, you can contact us directly ny email, phone or come visit us in our offices. Our main sale office is situated in the Marina Baotić in Seget, our main sale office is in Split and we have 2 other bases in Trogir and Dubrovnik. Together with our colleagues from the sale department we can define the model that matches to your needs in all details. In case that we have the possibility and that you have announce your visit, we can also propose a sea trial on all the actual models that we have available. Regarding the flagship models (Ipanema 58 & Alegria 67), you are welcome to visit the shipyard in France in our presence, on request.
Live we can define and discuss in details about the specification, final offers and availabilities. Before the configuration of the catamaran, it’s important to plan how you will use your catamaran so we will be able to advise and configure the boat optimally, any technical installation or installation can also be discussed or communicated to the shipyard on request.

The availability and delivery timing depends on the model and the part of the year when you are ready to confirm the order. To confirm the order officially based on the final offer and the sale contract, a safety deposit payment is requested and forwarded to the shipyard to finalize officially the order on the name of the client. The balance payment is requested up to one month before the delivery dap La Rochelle France.
The transfer and the delivery of your catamaran is defined between us and the client, the technical and official handover ”keys in hand” is done and agreed between the two parts in La Rochelle France or in the marina of the final destination.


The service and the maintenance of the catamarans for the owners in the “winter period” or when the owner doesn’t reside on the boat is a big concern if the vessel is far away from you, or if you do not have enough time to perform a regular maintenance. Our company provides all types of maintenance and repair work agreed with the owners and marinas. Our employees are able to do any kind of works on your catamaran: electrical installations, wood and furniture, navigation instruments, repair and service of the sails and the rigging equipment, service of the engine and the generator, polishing, antifouling etc.


Fountaine Pajot offers the possibility of ordering spare parts through its own dealer network. If you need a specific part for your catamaran, you need to contact us and providing your hull number and the description of the part. We will send you our offer for the part with the transportation costs, delivery time and the cost of our work if this part needs to be installed or replaced.
If the part are still under warranty, then we open a warranty form and ask Fountaine Pajot to cover the part and the work.