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Catamaran skipper training.

You have no experience with catamarans? You want to know how to maneuver with 2 engines on 2 hulls? You want to sail on a catamaran and see the difference from a sailing yacht or a motor yacht? It might be necessary to apply to a catamaran skipper training. Every year, catamarans are becoming more and more popular and attractive and the demand on the market is growing in 2 principal ways: charter demand & private using.

Despite this fact, still a lot a sailors or boat owners have never sailed or even been on a catamaran. Our catamaran skipper training program has been created for those people who want to learn. Indeed, we think this market will keep growing and that more and more sailors and owners will be interested and attracted by the catamaran world.

Therefore, Ultra Sailing has decided to launch a catamaran skipper training course on catamarans using before all our huge experience in sailing school and sail teaching. We are teaching and giving sailing courses on sailing boats of all sizes from the early beginning of our activities in 1995. Through our sailing school until now have passed more than 1.800 participants from the entire world, some of them in the meantime became skippers and boat owners. From Spring 2019 we are the only ISPA licensed sailing school company in Europe.

Isla 40 - new model Croatia
The main spirit is not to provide skipper licenses and all knowledge in one step but help starters and amateurs who want to learn on catamarans.

What would you learn in this course?
– How to maneuver
– How to anchor
– How to berth
– How to sail
– How to use the engines
– How to open and close the sails
– How to react in specific circumstances
– How to respect the sea, the other boats and the nature
– How to communicate on a catamaran
– How to clean and prepare a catamaran
– (…) and a lot of other basic and more specific questions

We plan to organize few sessions the model Isla 40 (2021). Fountaine pajot catamarans are spacious and voluminous catamarans offering comfortable double cabins with bathrooms for an optimal stay onboard in combination with a good shape and well-designed interior and outside living spaces, catamarans have amazing sailing performances.

The next sessions that are planned:

Date: March 27th – March 29th 2022
Cijena: 490,00€/pax (berth)*

Datum: May 02nd – April 4th 2022
Cijena: 490,00€/pax (berth)*

*4 persons minimum

For all questions or request, please feel free to contact us:

For more details about our sailing school program, please follow this link